Faculty of Medicine

Russian Red Crescent Medical Trainee Exchange Project was Carried Out


Russian Red Crescent officials contacted the Turkish Red Crescent and stated that they wanted to implement the intern exchange project for health workers in the field of humanitarian aid and medicosocial and requested support from the Turkish Red Crescent for Russian health workers to do internship in a health center in Turkey.

The internship program is designed to improve the qualifications of volunteer doctors in the field of specialization, general medicine and social programs abroad and in large medical centers of the Russian Federation, as well as to provide high-level medical knowledge and professional skills that a volunteer may need in case of emergency intervention. The project aims to create a staff pool to enable volunteer physicians to gain experience and integrate into social programs implemented in Russia through internships in specific fields through partner organizations that meet the criteria and objectives of the Russian Red Crescent, and to implement humanitarian aid and medicosocial programs at the federal and regional level.

The Russian Red Crescent also states that they will support Turkish medical personnel to do internship in the Russian Federation within the scope of the intern exchange project.

12 participants, mostly Russian Red Crescent employees or volunteers, medical experts, doctors or academics working in the field of health care, took part in the project and the internship took place between 28 October and 2 December. Our Emergency Medicine Clinic instructors Prof. Dr. Behçet Al, Assoc. Prof. Kurtuluş Açıksarı, Assist. Prof. Görkem Alper Solakoğlu and Emergency Physician Dr. Seda Oğuz introduced the operation of the emergency system in general to intern students and guests on Monday, the first day of the program, and offered the opportunity to observe the areas in the emergency department. On Tuesday, accompanied by Cardiologist Dr. Yusuf Yılmaz, the Cardiology Clinic, coronary intensive care unit and angiography units were visited and information was given about the general functioning. On Wednesday, the Neurology Clinic accompanied by Assoc. Prof. Hasan Hüseyin Karadereli and on Thursday the Anesthesiology and Reanimation Clinic accompanied by Prof. Dr. Hasan Koçoğlu were visited and the general functioning of the operating room and intensive care units was explained. At the end of the project, all participants were presented with participation certificates by Prof. Dr. Sadrettin Pençe, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of university.

The internship project in question was carried out in partnership with our university and created a good example of cooperation when evaluated within the scope of the academic cooperation protocol between Istanbul Medeniyet University and the Turkish Red Crescent. The project will also support the international direction of Istanbul Medeniyet University, open the door to new partnerships and collaborations at the global level, and contribute to the development of both countries in the field of humanitarian aid and health through the mutual sharing of good practices and experiences in the field of medicine.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Turkish Red Crescent, the Russian Red Crescent, the IFRC and Istanbul Medeniyet University for their contributions to the realization of the project.