Dean's Message

Medicine is not only considered as a science but it is also an art. Medicine represents a crossroad where many scientific disciplines meet the greatest artwork on earth, the human body.

Medicine is for sure one of the most prestigious professions for humanity. The prestige of medicine comes from its connection with “humanity”. If it simplifies human being just to a body, organ, tissue or cell; medicine loses its dignity along with its intellectual depth and it becomes something like an simple object that can be sold or bought. This process may mislead the society to other dangerous searches to fulfill this gap.

The first ring of the chain of professional dignity is personal dignity. The most important components of it includes to have true and adequate knowledge, being able to interpret the knowledge correctly, to update yourself with constant improvement, to increase your knowledge by sharing, to follow the ethical principles, to know your competences and limits, and to be honest and trustworthy.

The dignity of the medical profession is an extension of patient’s dignity. It is essential to value the human side as well as the body of the patient, to inform the patient in a way that he/she will understand, to earn the trust, to relieve the concerns, to respect the decisions and protect the confidentiality of the patient.

Medicine is like a big river with many branches that runs from the past to the future, changes and develops trough constant renewal. Every honorable member of the medical community that feeds himself/herself from this river has the duty of protecting the clarity of this river, to ensure its true direction. Therefore, the most important part of this collective responsibility is to share knowledge and experience with all colleagues, professors, students, and team members; to contribute to the activity and success of others near to us; to compensate the mistake and weaknesses of others. In fact, to contribute to the success and activity of healthcare workers is a very important dimension of our service to the patients.

Honorable members of our faculty,

Scientific knowledge is described as an evidence-based collection of hypotheses that can be proven or falsified any time. Medical knowledge and opinions are in need of constant updates due to the fact that scientific knowledge may not always rely on open and solid proofs, or may not be interpreted correctly or may have a nature that is open for different or even opposing interpretations. The most effective and simple way of it is sharing. Knowledge becomes more, stronger and effective, when it is shared. National and international scientific meetings, congresses, articles and other similar work are essential elements of this dynamism.

Before all, the value system that shapes the environment of education is the most important component that affects the success of education with constant interaction. Collaboration, team work and positive role models are the propelling force of motivation. Medicine, as a multidisciplinary science, requires a good team work and collaboration.

What turns a previous stone to jewelry is the craftsmanship.

Dear students,

Medical education is not limited to school life or structured lectures, it is a dynamic process that constantly develops, renews itself and continues throughout the professional life. It requires more practice than theory and more teamwork tan individual work. All of this can only happen in an environment of mutual respect, love and trust.

Education constantly renews itself.

The great developments in information and communication technologies carried the educational processes beyond the limits of time and space as it removed distance. Contrary of common belief, all of these didn’t replace institutional educational mentoring, instead made it more necessary and meaningful. Because; selecting, evaluating and correctly interpreting proper and needed ones among unlimited sources of knowledge with doubts on quality and credibility requires a good mentorship and guidance. Making true decisions requires the understanding of the core and content of the matter. To be able to understand the core, one needs to know the whole knowledge associated with it. If one focuses on fragmented details while missing the whole picture, this leads to field blindness and deviation from the goal.

Dear students,

You are the future of medicine. Therefore, you need to build yourselves wisely. For a good construction; one needs true knowledge, a proper project, flawless material and perfect labor. You are the ones who will lead this process. The school will only provide you mentorship and guidance. The proper use of them is entirely up to you.

You should not limit yourself to medical knowledge while preparing yourself to future. In addition to professional knowledge, you need to learn a foreign language at advanced level, and develop knowledge and experience on topics such as scientific research methodology, medical ethics, medical law, medical management, and medical economy.

Development is infinite; the greatest obstacle for development is to consider yourself perfect.

It needs to be emphasized again that the extensive accumulation of medical knowledge exceeds the learning limits of an individual. A substantial amount of the current knowledge loses its validity in a very short time period, as well. This condition requires the members of the medical community to constantly develop and update themselves. This habit needs to be developed during medical school years.