Faculty of Medicine

To the Attention of Maha NASSIF Accepted to Take Clinical Practice for Equivalency Certificate


In accordance with the letter of the Recognition and Equivalence Services Department of the Council of Higher Education, dated 24.12.2020 and numbered 82709, it has been approved by the decision of our Faculty Board at the meeting dated 21.01.2021 and numbered 04 that in order for Maha NASSIF, who graduated from Damascus University in Syria to obtain a  Bachelor Diploma Equivalency Certificate, s/he has to carry out Clinical Practices in our Faculty from 10.02.2021.

The clinical practice program for obtaining the Bachelor Diploma Equivalency Certificate is presented below and the aforementioned student who wants to enroll in the faculty, should apply to the Registrar's and Student Affairs Directorate at least one week before starting her/his education with the following documents, together with the petition to start education, and paying the accrued contribution amounts. The enrolled student can get information about the program from Dr. Hasan Turan KARATEPE who is a faculty member in the Department of Mental Health and Diseases at Göztepe Prof. Dr.Süleyman Yalçın Şehir Hastenesi and Term 6 coordinator as well.

Additionally, in accordance with Article 60 (g) of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510, enrolled students themselves are required to pay/make their social security contributions during their education.

Students who are not enrolled in our university and still wants to follow courses in our University are accepted as special students within the scope of Istanbul Medeniyet University Undergraduate Programs Directive for Special Students.

You can access the abovementioned Directive here (In Turkish)

Within the framework of the "Procedures and Principles Regarding Level and Qualification Determination System Procedures" determined at the meeting of the Higher Education Executive Board on 02.11.2017, in accordance with the article stating "the fees to be collected from candidates for completing the internship and performing clinical practice are determined by the universities and cannot exceed the monthly minimum wage", the decision of our University Executive Board dated 26.08.2020 and numbered 2020 / 20-03 was deemed appropriate to receive *monthly minimum wage from candidates for their internship completion, and clinical practices.

Department Date Internship period
Gynecology and Obstetrics 10.02.2021-23.02.2021 2 weeks
General Surgery 24.02.2021-09.03.2021 2 weeks
Family Medicine 10.03.2021-23.03.2021 2 weeks
Pediatrics 24.03.2021-06.04.2021 2 weeks
Emergency Medicine 07.04.2021-20.04.2021 2 weeks
Internal medicine 21.04.2021-04.05.2021 2 weeks
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 05.05.2021-11.05.2021 1 week

* Net Minimum Wage for 2021: 2,825.00 TL